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Australian Disapedia is a disability encyclopedia that is publicly editable which aims to be a community resource to inform, educate and act as a community knowledge base of information, on disability history, culture, arts and media from the social model of disability.

The Australian Disability Community is wide and diverse, each person is different and we have different perspectives about living in a society that is not designed to be inclusive of people with disabilities so this project will give people the knowledge to disrupt discrimination from the start.

Australian Disability exists to create a more equitable Australian society for people with disabilities through the production of online media and platforms to increase the visibility of issues facing the disability community.

​Founded in 2012 on the principle that discrimination and stigma but also the culture towards disability have to change and be reshaped and owned by people living with the daily effects, positive and negative, of disability.

​Only through an authentic conversation about disability affair, is it possible to create a dialogue to enable the creation of change against the backdrop of discrimination and intolerance given an avenue to a better, accessible, and more inclusive society

Aims and Purpose:

   To support the development of new technologies that improve the quality of life and the independence of persons living with a disability
   To provide persons with a disability with a forum through which they can express their views on government policies and other matters of relevance to their disability
   To support and enable fair and unbiased media representation of disability-related issues, through the development of news and original content
   To provide community-wide education on disability-related issues so as to reduce the instances of discrimination suffered by persons with a disability
   To establish an online community that encourages greater interaction between disabled and able-bodied people
   To promote the concept of ‘disability’ as a strong, healthy form of identity.